Yes Lance Armstrong Took EPO & Yes, I Don’t Care

18 Jan

I consider myself a sports nut.  From the NFL to the MLB and even down to tennis and golf, I like to follow almost 90% of the major sports leagues going on right now.  I love the Olympics, I love college sports and I even am more than willing to watch a few minutes of the Tour de France every July.  When you are a sports fan, you can find the little interesting details in most sporting events.

Mainly?  “Dude, this is cool.”

Tonight one of the generation’s most iconic sports stars admitted (to noted journalist OPRAH) to taking steroids for his seven-year reign as the world’s greatest cyclist (and potentially athlete).  With a successfully and inspiring fight against cancer to being the most elite in one of the more grueling sports, Lance Armstrong truly had it all.  Women, sponsors, fame, mainstream appeal, etc. what did Lance Armstrong not have?  Who was he?

Well, he’s kind of a major prick.  But that didn’t stop famous people before.  He’s rather sociopathic as well.  But that doesn’t stop anyone in life who are sociopaths from doing anything.  He’s rather judgmental but this is a country that gives Gregg Easterbrook employment.  Vain?  Check.  Maniacal?  Double check.  Attention-seeking?  Yessir.

Nonetheless, Lance Armstrong blood doped in a sport where everybody who was worth a damn did.  He sued many people in a country that’s well, amazing if you are a lawyer.  He took steroids in the late-90s, early-00s but outside of Ken Griffey Jr., who didn’t?

So why does Lance Armstrong really owe us anything?  Of course the reason he admitted to taking EPO was all for himself.  It wasn’t to “SAVE SPORTS” or his image, it was just allowing him to be done with the specter that hung over his head for the past decade or so.

Yet the spoiled American fan continues to crave for something more.  Half the public takes their turns ripping on Lance or deconstructing every word he says (that’s the group I’m in) yet the other half demands…more?  Like somehow Lance Armstrong RUINED SPORTS FOREVER and they as sports fans want more from him.  You know, like rooting for a guy to win a bike race across the Tour de France means that they have a special connection with him.

Somehow Lance Armstrong was the last “good thing” about sports.  If you truly believe that Lance Armstrong taking performance-enhancing drugs ruined sports forever, then please find another interest.  I implore it.  You watch sports therefore you’ve been through scandals such as refs betting on games, a dog-fighting scandal, a fake girlfriend incident, about 100+ performance-enhancing drug scandals, cocaine usage, numerous labor disputes, a child rape scandal that was blatantly ignored by “superiors”, debilitating head injuries that led to suicides, a few murder cases, too many cases of domestic abuse and sexual assaults, the usage of homophobic slurs, and that’s only just a top of the iceberg when discussing the numerous problems with sports.

But it entertains us, so we ignore it only to become white knights when a petty thing such as Lance Armstrong’s ego comes up.  More people rather have Lance Armstrong be “honest” with them rather than justice to be served for many athletes who get away with numerous crimes.  Somehow Lance Armstrong needs to do more.

We root for people to win.  That’s the only vesting interest many of us had in Lance Armstrong.  Sure I was one of them for awhile.  But what does Lance Armstrong owe me?  How can he “SAVE SPORTS”?  I’ve seen countless posts stating that Lance Armstrong could change the world by doing this or that, but uh, he’s washed up now who cares?  What power does Lance Armstrong now have?

Hell if he had all the power in the world, what could he do?  There will be another sports star that gets the public’s adulation only to be later revealed as a tool.  Stop crying over Lance taking drugs.  Though at least can you admit that this wasn’t something secret French plot to ruin Americans?  Please?


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