John McCain Blocks Kitten Adoption

2 Feb

In a move that will likely shock no one on Capital Hill or anyone with a pulse (much apologies to Marco Rubio), Arizona senior Senator John McCain has blocked the adoption of a kitten named Furball.  Furball, 18 weeks old, is a Mainecoon cat who was adopted by the Webber family but his adoption has come under fire thanks the family’s patriarch, Mark.

Mark Webber, 28, claimed he wanted Furball to use as an anniversary gift for his wife Mona.  But after an investigation by Oscar (Mayer) award winning director James O’Keefe, Mark’s past allegiances have come under fire.

It turns out that Mark Webber has actually refused to state why he wanted the kitten.  We have heard from reliable sources in my head that Webber graduated from Akron.  As most of you remember, ACORN was the non-profit that gave the Presidency to barack HUSSEIN obama in 2008.  Webber also has a form of dyslexia…Akron….ACORN….I really don’t need to spell it out for you anymore.

John McCain, who lost the 2008 presidential race to President Obama, has taken the scandalous report from O’Keefe and requested a Congressional inquiry to the Webber family.  McCain, made references to the Communist Party and the Webber family as well as wanting to launch an investigative inquiry into Akron University as well.

They are communists.  I want to investigate them.  And Akron.

TheBLAZE will be following this story as it develops but we must insist that you haven’t even heard this story elsewhere.  What’s Barack Obama hiding?  Is Mark Webber related to Shirley Sherrod?  Stay tuned.


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