The Most Annoying Things People Do

30 Apr

The title says it all, since I’m running out of time; I’ll just list things add commentary when needed.

  2. Wear Tap Out t-shirts
  3. Listen to Macklemore and tell you that you are missing out
  4. Hashtag on Facebook
  5. Bros who ironically like Carly Rae Jepsen (BUT NOT GAY!)
  6. Shop at GNC
  7. Name Facebook photo albums after awful song lyrics (I DON’T CARE I LOVE IT)
  8. In a planned embarrassing picture, a comment of “ohmygod, this sums US UP TOTALLY”
  9. Use 1990s ebonics on Twitter (SINCE I’M WHITE ITS FUNNY…right GURLLL?)
  10. Call themselves “90s kids”
  11. Call younger friends “littles” and vice versa
  12. Fire drills (someone has to plan them)
  13. Sniffle every five seconds
  14. The word “adorbs” or scratch that, ANY unnecessary abbreviation
  15. Anything involving Ryan Gosling
  16. Any BuzzFeed article
  17. White kids who use the n word
  18. Chinstraps
  19. Outdoor dinners at Kutztown
  20. Insist they dislike President Obama BUT NOT BECAUSE HE’S BLACK
  21. Not wash dishes
  22. Usage of “U” “R U” or “thx” in text messages when they are in between age 16 to 30
  23. “DON’T JUDGE ME”
  24. Order food at bars
  25. Not eat at White Castle
  26. Quote Ron Paul blindly while calling everyone who disagrees SHEEP
  27. All conspiracy theories involving population control
  28. The person who takes a picture and goes “whoever took this picture is AMAZING”

To be continued


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