Your Ice Water Video Can Go To Hell #StrongTake

11 Aug

You want a hot take?  I GOT A HOT TAKE.

I hate those damn ice water videos that have taken social media, and thus the nation, by storm.  I hate everything about it, from the person’s insistence on putting “FOR ALS RESEARCH” or for “Awareness” (that word mega corporations use to sell merchandise in which 10% of proceeds go to some think tank and the rest to the corporation) in the title to the whole “YOU HAVE 24 HOURS” ultimatum like they are some type of fucking martyr.

This post is almost self-parody because it represents everything I make fun of in the blogging world but I don’t care.  I’m exhausted.  I’m sick of seeing such a debilitating disease almost being used as a prop for people to think they are doing something good.  I’m sick of not being told which charity to donate to or what the exact cause of this is.

We went through this in the beginning of the year when the whole “jump into the cold water thing” happened and wasn’t it like, if you don’t do this you must be pro-AIDS?

To me this just seems like some imitation that some guy wanted to do and it went viral.  Hashtag viral.

Now of course it’s rude and wrong of me to think that intentions were wrong.  The good news is that there does seem to be some movement towards donations to ALS; a horrifically debilitating disease that some refer to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” (after the Yankees 1B whose career, and life, ended due to the illness).  That can’t be talked about enough as being a good thing.

But this goes out to every single person who thinks that it’s almost “cool” to dump water on yourself and brag about the good you did today.  It’s almost like “god, I’d rather dump ice cold water on my self instead of donating money to charity” which is of course completely wrong because genuinely good people are doing this and I am of course projecting by lumping them together.

What really pisses me off the most is when I see people with actual money doing this.  It’s a silly, goofy little internet thing that is fun for most people without the means of doing it.  Like fuck those hard who can donate money but refuse to because of LOL COLD WATER.

By no means are people actually poking fun at ALS but shit does it look bad in my opinion.  Of course, I haven’t donated any money to ALS and that makes me a horrible person.  Genuinely I should since the disease somewhat hits close home to me.  Seeing the motor skills of a person slowly decline as their body fails them while their mind is completely aware of its deterioration is sickening.  Anyone who lives with this disease, as far as I’m concerned, will be tougher, stronger and better than me no matter what I do in life (which outsiders and insiders I agree, is likely nothing).

Keep at it with the condescending smirks and the whole “tag your it vibe”, it’s fun.  I get it.  But let’s not pretend that this is for some amazing cause just because you want an excuse to do some shit.  It’s like saying, “HEY LET’S JUMP INTO A SHALLOW END OF THE POOL”….”why, Joe?” “UHHHH TO RAISE AWARENESS FOR WAR….PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WAR”.


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