Ferguson, Missouri: Still?

19 Aug

My blog is called Satirical Thoughts and I try so hard to keep it light.  But sometimes, it’s not so.  Since I’m probably for good, done with political blogging, I am focusing my attention this project.  We will see where it takes me.

This is one of those “serious” posts because, you know what….I’m tired.  The killing of Michael Brown in cold blood and the reaction that the town of Ferguson, Missouri had (with the media coverage of course) sickens me.

But you know what, I know it’s not going to end.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I’m not really reiterating an original point here but fuck it.  It’s just a drain.

Still?  After the killings of several unarmed teens/adults, we continue to have these news stories brought up and people still take the side of the living?  STILL we look at the fatally wounded and go “well, ya know he must’ve had weed within the last eighteen years….not so innocent now HUH?” like that even recreational drug use somehow equates to it being OK to be murdered?

Still we look at the person and go, “oh he was so bright” as if that if Michael Brown didn’t go to college; his killing would’ve been justified.  That anyone who is not white and is not going to college right away is a future thug in the making?

Still we see police brutality, the first amendment being silenced and reporters being arrested/shot at and the immediate reaction is “well….you know there was some trace looting, just saying”.  For some reason, I feel that if you ask certain people about Katrina their reaction wouldn’t necessarily be “oh remember the federal government sitting on their thumb and listening to Cat Scratch Fever” but “well, yanno there was a lot of looting!”.

Still we believe the 2nd Amendment is constantly under attack but the 1st is okay to be ignored.  Still we look at a decrepit criminal rancher who has his henchmen pointing guns at the feds and consider him either a patriot or a “nuisance” but we look at the black community as “rioters” or “criminals”.

Still we never learn.

Still we accuse black people as using the “race card” when murders happen.  Still some look at white people as using “their white guilt” as if we aren’t supposed to be outraged on the deaths.  Or better yet, still some say “why do we care so much when A WHITE PERSON WAS MURDERED TOO HUH WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?” as if somehow there is some bullshit “cross-discrimination”.

Still we believe the problem is hip-hop music and suddenly Chief Keef is the new Marilyn Manson.  Still we believe the issue lies in the murdered and not the murderers.

Still we see “OPEN CARRY” as a political issue but disenfranchisement and killings are just “distractions”.

Sometime soon this will all happen again.  It may not be Ferguson or Sanford or Beverly Fucking Hills but it will happen again and we will have the same damn reactions.

Still people believe the dead are the ones who are supposed to be on trial.  Still people believe that a policeman or a wannabe cop can use “justifiable force” if you were suspended from school months ago or if your only discernible crime was living in a community in which a robbery took place.

Yes this still happens.



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