A Working Timeline Of Athletes Charged With Domestic Abuse —- And Competing

8 Sep

I started earlier today that the Baltimore Ravens showed zero spine today in taking THIS long to do something about Ray Rice.  I still hold firm to that but guess what, to pretend that the Ravens and the NFL are the only ones who have problems with domestic abuse would be completely wrong.  Unfortunately, all the major sports have that same issue of literally “win at any cost” (unless there is video evidence that the population sees then you MIGHT get released).

2014:  Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers was found guilty of threatening to kill his former girlfriend.  Hardy is still on the active roster of the Carolina Panthers and appealed with a trial starting in November.

Ray McDonald of the 49ers was charged with felony domestic violence last week, immediately after the NFL’s new guidelines on punishing players for domestic abuse.  McDonald played in Week 1.  Case is ongoing.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather was sued by an ex-girlfriend claiming Mayweather abused her and pointed a gun and threatened to pull the trigger on him.  This is just the latest in several allegations and incidents against Mayweather, who served jail time for domestic abuse.  Mayweather continues to fight in all states.

2013:  NASCAR driver Travis Kvapil was charged with assault and false imprisonment against his wife Jennifer.  Kvapil was allowed to race that weekend, pled guilty to charges in January and has a ride with Go FAS Racing for 2014 after not having a ride for the season-opening Daytona 500.

2012:  Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant was charged with a misdemeanor of domestic abuse after slapping his mother across the face.

2008:  Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison faced domestic violence charges after allegedly slapping his girlfriend across the face and snapping her cell phone in half.  Charges were dropped by his girlfriend.  Harrison stayed with the team though backup WR Cedrick Wilson was cut after similar charges.

2007:  Now Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall’s history of domestic abuse began in 2006.  Marshall did earn a suspension in 2008.

2006:  Then Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Brett Myers was charged with abuse after punching his wife Kim in the face and allegedly dragging her by the hair.  The charges were later dropped though Myers was treated as a celebrity by the police officers.  Myers started his next start (the VERY next day) and then took a leave of absence.

2001:  Seattle SuperSonics F Ruben Patterson was charged with trying to rape the family nanny.  In 2002, Patterson would be charged with domestic abuse and his new team the Portland Trail Blazers fined him after his wife dropped the charges.

2000:  Colorado Rockies pitcher Pedro Astacio was charged (and pled guilty) after hitting his pregnant wife.  He started Opening Day.

Colorado Avalanche goalie Patrick Roy was charged with domestic violence after an argument with his wife.  Charges were later dropped.

1995:  Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox was charged with simple battery after allegedly pulling his wife’s hair.  Cox would appear at a press conference the next day with his wife to deny the charges and continued managing the team.


Need help for this with limited time, so please; let’s map this out and show sports lack of punishment for domestic violence.


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