The Ravens and NFL Are Both Spineless Hacks

8 Sep

Fuck Ray Rice first and foremost, but that has been the modus operandi for anyone who had a shred of dignity within themselves.  It goes without saying that the dude who knocks out a woman in the elevator, drags her unconscious body out of said elevator and claims that it was self-defense deserves a giant fuck you.  That takes no guts, no “cajones” nor spine to say such things.

It also takes no spine to release the guy after the fact as it’s just simply the right thing to do.  However if you wait four months after the fact when video of what happened inside the elevator to make any type of move whatsoever; you go down in history as enabling, spineless tools who should not be praised in any regard whatsoever.

For those who are unaware, and I’m sure a few might be still, the Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (formerly of Rutgers); was suspended for two games after video evidence showed him dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator after punching her.  Rice’s suspension was criticized by practically everybody (except those douches on Yahoo message boards who probably still use the phrase “gold digger”) and criticism was so high that the NFL finally created a “two strikes, your out” policy on domestic abuse.

Still it wasn’t enough as Week 1 of the season ended and the thought that Rice would be playing shortly was still a topic of conversation.

Until this morning when TMZ released video of what happened in the elevator.  After seven hours, the Ravens cut Rice.

But the NFL really didn’t have access to a video TMZ had?  I know TMZ has some pretty seedy connections, but you honestly tell me a billion dollar “non-profit” (yeah the NFL doesn’t give a shit about taxes) didn’t have any way of seeing this video?

But you know what fuck it, did you really need video evidence of what happened?  You had a police report, the aftermath and both parties admitting that an incident did occur in the elevator.  Is the NFL’s (and the Ravens) strategy really going to be “look, hitting your fiance is bad but you’ll get a reprieve unless video evidence comes out”?

What kind of message is that period?  Most homes don’t have video cameras, so if Ray Rice did this at home would he have been playing in two weeks or maybe even sooner?  Would the NFL allow his fiance (now wife) to talk about the incident to their commissioner DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the man who abused her?  Would the Ravens have tweeted “she is sorry for her actions that night” as if that was the big fucking deal?

This is all messed up that in a society in which we seem to be A-OK with “innocent until proven guilty unless you are the accuser otherwise you are just seeking attention and ruining his career”, oh wait…it does fucking fit with the mindset of a lot of people.

Okay, kudos for the Ravens for doing the only sensible thing four months too late.  I guess they could’ve kept him for a bit longer.

But don’t give them praise.  They did what they “HAD” to do at this point.  It took no anything.  In fact, I’m almost just as disgusted now as I was the day before about this situation.

I’m sure Ray Rice has probably not run his last carry in the NFL; not full-proof positive but reasonably sure.

Guess what in the NFL, you are safe unless videotaped doing it.  Police reports and aftermath videos be damned.



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