I Love You Genny Cream Ale

8 Oct

You are perfect.  But perfect in that like, you have lots of flaws and John Legend writes about them; but its all good since we acknowledge your imperfections make you perfect.

You are cheap.  Oh so cheap.  But no one will excuse you of being easy.  A dollar goes a long way with you but I would never want that dollar back after I’m done with you.

You are an inspiration.  Brandon Flowers wrote a Killers song on how he couldn’t quit you.  Forrest Gump mourned when you were gone.

You are green and OH THAT HEAD, that head could make you world famous my dear friend.  No one has ever said no to head and cream right?  Bros might Ice bros, but I make sure to Cream myself.

None of my friends appreciate you.  Yeah you might not be big on name recognition and your roots aren’t totally local to us, plus you don’t have a slogan like the Banquet Beer or the Champagne of Beers.  If I had to give you a cheap slogan (and all I ask for is a free case per month) I’d call you the “Salvation of Beers” because when I see you, I drop down to my knees and confess my sins because its a gift to be with you.

I tell you, everyone might call you a Screamer.  I say let them have their PBRs, their micro brews, their macro brews; I will take you because I know that you will always be there for me.  You are old reliable.  A distinct taste all of your own.

But more important you are you.  Here’s to you.

Wednesday is Gennday.


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