Angry Suburban Conservative: When Do We Blame Obama For Ebola?

15 Oct

We have a new weekly column.  Since I’m an equal rights kinda guy, I decided to let Angry Suburban Conservative write some hardcore editorials for our website.  He’s PISSED and he wants to write in to the editor on why we should really start blaming the right people for the wrong issues.  

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I’m pissed.  Another day passes and another Ebola story hits the print.  I’m a concerned citizen and I’m sick (not with Ebola by the way) and tired (not from Ebola by the way) of not having my voice heard.  Enough is enough and while I will still comment on my local news channel’s Facebook page on how they are biased and liberal for not once mentioning Benghazi yesterday (wake up America), I need a column to voice my anger.

Ugh.  Ebola.  In case you missed it, our President in the middle of a campaign strategy and to probably promote Hillary Clinton in 2016; introduced Ebola to alarm the public.  He is doing this because there’s nothing that make people more alarmed than death.  Do you REALLY find it a coincidence that all American patients are being taken to American hospitals in red states only?  That’s right in Georgia and Texas.

I’m a proud Republican, okay.  But even I can admit when we are being targeted for our political beliefs.  The media freaks out when unarmed teenagers get shot and killed but when I express my free speech (protected by the First Amendment), I’m suddenly “a bigot” or “an extremist”.

Let’s look at it this way.  Over the past month and a half or so, an African-based menace has stormed our seas and made us sick to our stomachs.  Doesn’t that sound like someone you and I both know?  I won’t name names, because Hussein Obama isn’t worthy of being mentioned by name, but c’mon…

First there was ACORN which made a mockery of our voting system.  Then there was Benghazi which will be taught years from now as the biggest conspiracy to hit this country and we deserve reparations for that by the way.  Then there is the Benghazi cover-up.  Then there’s “feminism” which don’t get me wrong, I LOVE WOMEN like a lot you can’t even measure it, but how is that more important than the government enforcing the Muslim doctrine on us.

Our country doesn’t need “change”.  If Obama cares so much about Ebola, how come he doesn’t go over there and fight it?  You can’t say I’m wrong there because he hasn’t.

We need a new leader.  We need Ronald Reagan.

-till next week.


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