Sunday Night Football Drinking Game: Colts v. Patriots

16 Nov

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Enjoy and safe drinking.  Drink = sip.

1 Drink:

  • Peyton Manning being mentioned as a rival to Tom Brady.
  • Rob Gronkowski is described as “fun-loving”.
  • Andrew Luck’s college GPA is mentioned.
  • Cris Collinsworth says “wait just a minute”
  • Bill Belichick is shown with his fingers inside the neck of his hoodie.
  • Tom Brady is described as “elite”.
  • Superfan shown.

2 Drinks:

  • Al Michaels refers to them accidentally as “Baltimore” Colts.
  • Camera shot of a player getting a concussion test.
  • RGIII gets hurt.
  • Cris Collinsworth is still licking his lips over Carrie Underwood.

3 Drinks:

  • Gisele is name dropped
  • Andrew Luck’s voice is talked about when doing hard counts.
  • Andrew Luck spawns into Gollum.
  • Player’s sexuality is openly questioned.
  • Reggie Wayne is described as a “class act”

Finish Your Drink:

  • Aaron Hernandez is awkwardly mentioned.
  • Andrew Luck is described as “sneaky fast”.
  • Tom Brady is described as “handsome”.
  • A player gets penalized for using inappropriate language.
  • Someone on your Facebook newsfeed complains about Kim Kardashian, like four days later.

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