One Last Time: Michael Brown IS NOT Joda Cain

1 Dec

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I always have to preface these posts with the following because mouthbreathers tend to get all up in arms (no offense 2nd Amendment) when posts like these happen.  I’m willing to provoke that if I may, but in the manner of “there are two sides to every story” (even in some cases where there aren’t); let me say this.  You have the right to have an opinion.  You have the right to be against me.  You have the right to say whatever you want.

However you don’t have the right to make up your own facts.  Sometimes opinion and facts are just one giant middle Venn Diagram sphere, other times they are pretty cut and dry.

This is a fact.  This is not Michael Brown.


That photo is of an Oregon teen named Joda Cain who was convicted of murder.  This person killed his grandmother in cold blood with the person in this photo.  He is NOT Michael Brown.

On my Facebook feed, people who I am somehow still friends with have been sharing this photo to discuss how Michael Brown wasn’t just “some innocent kid” and this shows that he was deserving to get shot and killed by a police officer.  This picture is supposed to enrage your one Aunt & Uncle who share chain emails about Obama killing your grandparents and those people who unprovoked complain about welfare or something.

These are shared by the people who go “don’t believe what the media tells you” and then posts something that is a complete lie.  A complete fabrication.

These are the people who complain about “the race card” which is my next little mention.  If you share this photo, you are the one playing the race card.  You just saw a picture of a black teen with a gun and immediately just label him Michael Brown.  You wonder why people play “the race card” (a word that was created by people who don’t want to discuss race so they can dismiss it while not seeming racist “I don’t care if you are black, white or purple!”)?

It’s because of shit like this.  Why do we need to have national dialogues on institutional racism?  This fucking shit.

This perpetuating of “thug culture” automatically equates justification of why someone deserves to die?  Look, I’m not talking about Michael Brown or Darren Wilson at this point.  But even if someone is the head of the Bloods, they don’t deserve to be gunned down by a police officer unless you know, something is happening.

Its funny how some people act all up in arms about Facebook or Flickr or Twitter using their photos without consent and then happily share this shit as justification.  We don’t want to be a society where your Facebook photos automatically define you.  Trust me, a lot of you people who got drunk at college parties underage and flip off the camera, don’t want that photo being shared if you are shot and killed.  Right?

But again, let’s talk about “the race card”.  When incidents that spark outrage such as the decision by a grand jury to not indict Officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown; you get a lot of vitriol tossed.  However, you always see people go “SEE WHITE PEOPLE DIE TOO AND NO ONE CARES”.

That’s not the fucking point.  Micro racism exists everywhere.  This case is much larger than two people.  It’s the fact that those “white people” who die, seemingly see their accusers rightfully get thrown in jail.  When the roles are reversed…..the opposite tends to usually happen.

We are discussing racism, prejudice, sexism, ageism, whatever-ism at the macro level.  Where a lot of shit tends to go in favor of one group of people and fucked up for the rest.

But remember.  Stop sharing that fucking photo.  Just use Google for once.


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