A List Of Things That’s Happened Since Chip Kelly Took Over As Eagles Head Coach

10 Mar

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It is a sports free agency season and you know what that means!  Philadelphia is on fire, Mikey from Cherry Hill is pissed on WIP and Stephen A. Smith is accusing someone of racism.

That’s right, even though Chip Kelly has tried to save face by trading Nick Foles (white) for Sam Bradford (15/16th, non-Cherokee); he still hasn’t commented on the accusation that he may be racist by shipping out LeSean McCoy, Trent Cole, Cary Williams and like no one else.

But what’s more important isn’t the accusation, but the fact that Chip Kelly hasn’t yet held a press conference and talked about his friends ethnicities and how that doesn’t make him racist.  It’s starting to make me wonder, at first jokingly but now a lot more seriously, if Chip Kelly might have some biases.

Now I want Philadelphia fans to put on their thinking jawns (this is where New York fans ask how many rings you have) and really think about their “leader”.  Here’s just a list of things that have happened since Chip Kelly took over.  I want you to really start to wonder if Stephen A. Smith may or may not be onto something.

Here’s just some things that “coincidentally started happening”.

  • Iggy Azalea has been part of two #1 Billboard hits.
  • An Oklahoma fraternity was suspended after saying a word that only people who were released by Chip Kelly can say.
  • Riley Cooper said it (notice he hasn’t gone anywhere).
  • Mark Sanchez lost his job to someone with Native American lineage which I guess is kind of okay.  Its like the people who white people took the jobs of got a job from the people who steal ours.
  • Not a single non-white male NASCAR driver has won a Sprint Cup race.
  • Paula Deen got fired
  • Barack Obama suddenly can’t run for re-election.
  • Arrested Development was revived quicker than it took Bye Felicia to.
  • Two and a Half Men lost 1.5 of its cast.
  • Tinder became a thing and since 2013, I have like eight matches which is pretty cool and nifty though I shouldn’t brag.
  • Ed Sheeran performed with Herbie Hancock.

Just something to make you think.  Itd be wrong to just throw accusations out without direction but when do coincidences start becoming realities?

Starting to just start this conversation.


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