Donald Trump Is A Waste Of A Feritilized Egg And Sperm Cell

14 Jul

The title of this should come as no surprise to anyone who is normal and rational, and plus there has been numerous better posts on the xenophobic, nationalist and pretend presidential candidate that I won’t bother going as deep.

Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump is not a legitimate contender.  He has high name recognition in which he is defeating other legitimate candidates but once the billion dollar SuperPACs start immolating him from every known direction; the reality show judge will be a brief footnote in the annals of anally repressed Republican candidates.

What makes Donald Trump a corn-riddled colonoscopy isn’t exactly him but the people who support him.  The people who say “ya know the [prune faced genital wart with the pout of a stillborn duckling] has a point on a few things”.

Donald Trump is the candidate for mouth breathing knuckledraggers who rage about political correctness but freak out about the White House being illuminated in rainbow colors for like two hours.  For the people who say “people are too sensitive nowadays” but shared countless false equivalency posts on why Caitlyn Jenner isn’t brave because they are uncomfortable or at most bigoted.  He’s the candidate for people who think people get easily offended but rage with the self control as a meth riddled bison when women ask for equal pay or black citizens protest that they are being incarcerated at higher rates than white people.

Trump is the candidate for those who share Condescending Wonka memes or Meninist tweets about how all women should be objects that only exists for handjobs while they watch Entourage on HBO Now.  They think it’s clever to tell Danica Patrick to make a sandwich or they think that Louis Farrakhan is somehow ISIS.  The man with the follicles that’s hue is described by Lowe’s as “giraffe pubic hair” is the prime candidate for 90s children who grew up with the Internet and video games to lambast children ten years younger for not playing outside.

He is perfect for those who share posts about how one jamoke stepping on a flag is way more offensive than the Confederate flag but the media won’t talk about it.  They are the ones who say racism is alive because a white person was killed once.  The Trump caucus is for people who think Cloyd Rivers supporters who use the military to shift direction from their bohemian beliefs on economics.

We live in a free nation, so by all means you can support Donald Trump.  You have that right.  But he won’t win.


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