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Another Day, Another Shooting

2 Dec

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Another day passes, another tragedy occurs.

The amount of casualties rise and we express our sorrow amongst social media.

We claim outrage.  We say the right things.  Offer the right words.

Thoughts & Prayers become placeholders with the only thing changing is the location of the tragedy.

Maybe we’ll donate money to warriors.  We will hear about the unsung hero who saved someone.

We will hear there were warning signs.  We will come up with excuses.  We will demand certain things.

They’ll say guns are not the problem.  That the problem is terrorism, that the problem is “THEM” not “US”.

We will fight.  Opinions will vary.

Nothing will change though.  Whether its the slaughter of twenty school-aged children or the murder of one.

The days will pass and it will fade to the background.  Today will only be remembered when we try to recall all the mass tragedies that have occurred.

It will almost become a twisted Trivial Pursuit.

How about the one in Oregon?

The one at the Sikh Temple?

Oh how about the one at the sorority?

Didn’t one happen at the military base?

One definitely happened at a movie?

But which Batman sequel was it?

Then it will fade.  Other horrible things will happen, other happy ones as well.  We will forget the trauma, the triages, the police scanners and the frightened locals.

Until another day passes.