Dear America: Multiple Things Can Outrage Us

2 Jun

There’s a website called Twitter, and I have an account in which you can follow me @TheJoekes 

This week has been the ultimate week for your friends with shit takes.  Not hot ones, like comparing things to Hitler, but just PG-rated “makes u think” blotter that oozes of a lack of creativity and really, awareness.

But front and center, this Memorial Day week has been dedicated to the death of Harambe the Gorilla.  Yes, the gorilla who was killed after a little boy fell into his enclosure and luckily wasn’t harmed in any way.  For the record, little man has some ice cold veins because there’s at least three times I watched the clip and thought “I would’ve definitely been hurt a few times”.

Anyway though, just like with Cedric the Lion, your feed is broken up into two different points of view.  There is “omg, why did a gorilla have to die!” and “HEY THE TROOPS YOU KNOW!”.

This is something we need to work on.  Yes, everything and everyone is patently annoying.  Regardless of age, we all seek some type of validation and we all think we are right.  This isn’t just milennials, but also Gladys—your one friend’s great-Aunt who if she doesn’t post, you assume its because she died—needs to let everyone know her take on the situation as well.

Outrage is a good thing, something I genuinely believe whether I think you are right or wrong.  The only way we can let ourselves be heard and not just be complacent in this universe is to express skepticism, anger and just be opinionated.  The one good thing about the internet (besides porn, AMIRITE? :does air guitar solo:) is the fact that we can find news everywhere we look.  Sure, the sources can be questioned but at least we can find out something in Istanbul instantaneously.

I’m pro outrage culture otherwise I wouldn’t have a blog.  But guess what?  The human mind is fantastic.  You see, just follow me here for a quick second.

I can believe the killing of a gorilla is sad.  I can believe that zoos kind of suck in general.  I can believe the parent is not always at fault because kids are pieces of shit until they turn 30 (note: never had a kid).  I can also believe that the troops should receive better treatment and so should people working in minimum wage jobs.  I can believe that we should hear more news on the news.

We are capable of feeling multiple things at once.  This fucking blip in the news will be forgotten about within the month and we’ll find a new story to gauge whether this explains American society or not.

But the point remains, if something really pisses you off; the X button exists for a reason.

Also death too.


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