Mike Pence Is A Bigoted Shithead

18 Jul


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Well this is later than anticipated but as we all know, Indiana Governor Mike Pence has been chose as the running mate for real-life anal fissure Donald Trump.  Pence is on the ticket primarily because he gives conservatives a shoutout, makes them feel important to the conversation and oh…he’s a tremendous bag of dicks.

Pence on the LGBT Community

  • Signals that society is collapsing and families are destroyed over gay people marrying
  • Fought against legislation that would make discrimination towards the LGBT community outlawed in the workplace
  • Fought against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Signed the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act

What we have here with Pence’s language is that whole “don’t hate the sinner, hate the sin” shit that has been propped up on social media by my friends who don’t want to seem bigoted.  Pence does that thing where he doesn’t scream homophobic slurs and insists he might’ve had a gay friend, so in your mind you go “oh, he doesn’t seem THAT bad!”.  That line of thinking is ridiculous.

But it’s not just towards the LGBT community where Pence is this way.

Pence’s Stance on Women Equality

  • Voted against Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay twice
  • Enacted horribly restrictive abortion bills that were struck down by a federal judge
  • Co Sponsored an anti-abortion bill that tried to redefine rape.

Take a look at this charmer.  Creepy Uncle Mike over here wants to basically make America a paleo-religious society that thinks equality is icky.  I’m actually 100% sure he’s probably said icky.

Oh, let’s also realize he once advocated for money that was to go to HIV/AIDS patients be redirected to in essence, help them pray away the gay.

This is what made Mike Pence a more palatable pick than say, someone like blowhard Chris Christie or NOW! That’s What I Call Irrelevance poster boy Newt Gingrich.  Christie is somewhat like-minded but everyone fucking hates him.  Gingrich excites no one under the age of 69.

Pence on the other hand, is lowkey enough to look “mature” next to Donald Trump.  If Trump is attacked for his hourly hot takes of xenophobia, supporters will point to the calm man to his right on the statesmanship of the ticket.  Guys like Pence are almost inherently more dangerous than human bidets like Trump as you know, they’ve actually done things that restricted people.  Pence has gotten things done, or at least stood in the way, and having him anywhere near the presidency would be terrifying under any circumstances.


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