Donald Trump Doesn’t Know Dick About The World

22 Jul

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He really doesn’t.  In case you need reminding here’s some shit.

  1. He thinks there is a Department of Environment
  2. He has no idea why he supported the Iraq War
  3. When discussing the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas, Trump admitted not knowing shit and then said (to Hugh Hewitt, nonetheless), Trump said:

    “It will [matter to me] when it’s appropriate,” Trump answered. “I will know more about it than you know, and believe me, it won’t take me long.”

  4. Had no idea what the fuck Brexit was
  5. Has no idea on what to do with NATO allies if an event with Russia occurs
  6. On stage, had no idea what the nuclear triad was
  7. Doesn’t know our crime rate
  8. Has no idea on undocumented workers
  9. What about the unemployment rate?  No fucking clue
  10. Doesn’t know if Muslim or Hispanic judges could be unbiased
  11. Doesn’t know what he feels about abortion
  12. Thought soldiers stole money?
  13. Had no idea we invaded Afghanistan before Iraq
  14. Has no idea where Obama was born
  15. Really doesn’t know anything about religious freedom

This is just a little bit and I can probably go on forever.  Of course, we can do this for any other candidate but guess what?  They aren’t going to possibly be the President of the United States.

We aren’t voting for a state senator or a councilperson.  We are voting for the next fucking President of the United States.  The Commander-in-Chief.  The leader of the free world.  The most important job in all of the land.

What happens if Hillary Clinton is voted in?  Nothing really changes from the Barack Obama administration.  Depending on your perspective that can be a god-awful thing or something to be pleased about it.  But after four years, you can vote her out and she’ll probably be out of the political spectrum forever.

But if we vote Trump in?  We legitimately have no idea because this guy will be doing the job on the fly.  He has no opinion.  He just says shit.  He’s the type of person who answers with, “hey what’s the problem with Mexico” and he will respond with “the Mexicans”.  You can ask him about how we should stop terrorism and he’ll say “well, we will kill the terrorists”.

There’s nothing to what he says.  I’m fine with “hey, I’m a Republican and I’ll always vote that way” because shit, I’m the same way with Democrats and I can admit that.  But how can you honestly think this guy knows ANYTHING?!?!

He is the master of bankruptcy and debt.  He’s a trust-fund baby who did an admirable job, yes I will even say that, in making his name one of the most well known in all the land.  He’s been firing fucking Michael Andretti and Lil Jon for the past decade though.  He just says “hey, I’m not politically correct” and that somehow appeals to your mouthbreathing carny friends who go “YEAH!” whenever someone says something about feminists.

He is not some daft guy.  He just knows how to use adjectives.  He has no idea how legislation works or the powers of the Presidency.  Mitt Romney had the personality of a teaspoon of Dimetapp but at least he probably knew how to sign a bill or advocate for one.

Trump can easily just become the most liberal guy on the planet just because.  There’s no moral compass, there’s no drive.  He’s a career politician in the sense that he has almost threatened to run for the Presidency (or VP) since 1988.  He’s run longer than Hillary for shit’s sake.

He complains about trade.  GREAT because there are issues with trade.  But has he shown a microcosm of intelligence and tact about it?


If you elect him.  We deserve whatever happens next.


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