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Day One

20 Jan

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If you are like-minded, well, today sucks.  Today is proof that things are going to be different.  Maybe not catastrophic, we of course need to live day-by-day and see what happens, but definitely different.

Today is day one of Donald Trump’s presidency.  We’ve been prepared for this but it is still a shock.  But its official and he’s our President.

I don’t really need to go on a long creed because we all have similar thoughts I imagine on the topic.  The leader of the free world is someone who has spent the better portion of a decade talking in 140 characters and firing Gary Busey.  A man whose sole qualification, politically, was injecting himself into every possible political race until being shamed out.

To his credit, he won.  He stuck it out.  He proved all of us wrong.

But….right now our anger is at an all time high.  There may be repeals and the withdrawal of funds to programs that directly benefit Americans.  There will be vague talks of better replacements that will be slowly placed on the back burner as the next headline sweeps us into another cycle.

The one thing you cannot do and yes, this is me speaking on a very self-righteous soapbox but we cannot be complacent.  We have to realize what we stand for.  We can not be vague in that we want to protect Planned Parenthood or Affordable Care Act or the environment but actually back it up.  We must donate.  We must be heard.  We must be active.

This is our chance.  We cannot let this become reality.  We must not hear some bullshit being said about “oh its just weather” or “believe me” and just be sigh and go “oh well”.  You want to get involved?  Well back it the fuck up.

Get outraged at gerrymandering ruining your district and making it as perfect for the party in charge to retain control while marginalizing others.  Email your local county chairman for the party you support and ask what you can do.  Do not let others do it and you like their status or retweet it.  Back it up.

It’s time.